Fizzy Mango Lassi: A Must For the Summertime!

Lassi is a traditional summertime Indian drink that is served either sweet or savory.  Essentially buttermilk whipped up and seasoned with salt or sugar, you have a satisfying cool drink to beat the heat of the great northern Indian plains. 

Over time, there have been many variations to the lassi, one of the most common ones being the Mango Lassi, which is essentially, mango juice or mango pulp added to either buttermilk/yogurt/milk. 


Well, I’ve invented my own variation of the Mango Lassi which is adding a carbonated lemony sugar-free beverage to half a glass of mango pulp on the rocks.  The result, btw, is AAAHHHHHmazing!

2 thoughts on “Fizzy Mango Lassi: A Must For the Summertime!

  1. Chhavi, my dear, I hope that you are finding time to make some yourself! And hold the sugar, please!

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