Seven-Up Pound Cake & Ice Cream: Doesn't Get More American Than That!

What’s not to like about cake-and-icecream?  Nothing, at all.  Because, it’s good, and we all know it!  But if want to get rid of the frills and enjoy that combination in its utmost simplicity, you do this:  You bake a basic yellow pound cake, only you add Seven-Up, Mountain Dew or any lemony carbonated drink instead of water.  Serve it up with a scoop of pure vanilla icecream, and you’ll light up the room. 


Doesn’t get better than that, trust me!  Here’s proof from the other day, courtesy my firstborn.  The cake is light and airy, and pairs beautifully with a basic vanilla.

And if you want to know more about the history of this uniquely American cake recipe, check out this site:

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