Shrimp Curry In Coconut Milk: An Incredible Union

Seriously, it’s that good!  Well, first off, let me say that most of my curries are impossibly improvised.  They happen as they go.  Which is to say that I don’t have a proper recipe with times and measures.  What I do have is imagination, and in this case on this day, I had a very vibrant imagination to prepare a succulent shrimp curry in coconut milk.  

Pureed onions formed the building block of the curry.  Next went in the garlic paste, tomato paste, and a Bengali-style fish masala powder to which I added a heapful of red chilli powder to give it just a little more zip.  When this incredible mix of ingredients fried slowly for the longest time until the oil separated from the sides, I added my coconut milk, a splash of fresh lime juice, a cup of boiling water, and brought my curry to a rolling boil. 


Now it is time to turn the heat down low, and then slowly add the shrimp (which, mind you, I had sauteed separately in a large pan to get rid of all the water they come laden with).  Simmer for a good thirty minutes before you turn off the heat and then let it rest for atleast ten minutes before you serve.

With what, you ask?  With hot white fresh Basmati, of course!  Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm!  

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