Green Beans & Green Peas: Yes, They Can Go Together!

Go together to complement one another, I mean.  Why ever not?  Whoever made the rule that you couldn’t bring them together in a casual stirfry?  Well, I don’t know, and am honestly not too concerned, because I write today to proclaim this small truth:  these two lovely green vegetable– Green Beans and Green Peas may indeed by brought together in a hot skillet to be married with a few simple seasonings to make for a very delectable veggie side-dish.

Oh, and what are those carrot-like pieces in the mix, you say?  Well, they’re tiny pieces of carrots, of course.  They came with the peas, so they had to go in as well!

So, here’s to a refreshing subzi today!  And my parting words of wisdom?  Step outside the pan and into the skillet to try something new.  I did, as you can see right here! 


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