Apéritifs and Hors d'œuvres: Unnecessary Essentials For Civilization

These are the unnecessary things before a meal, but if available, will make the meal very pleasant, not to mention your company during the meal also very pleasant!  In the case of the apéritifs, however, these are limited to those of legal drinking age, although the hors d’œuvres have no age barrier associated to their consumption!

One popular aperitif in my house of late has been a variation of the traditional Bloody Mary, only I use the Clamato cocktail tomato juice mix which makes for a very sweet-and-spicy beverage quite similar to the BM, only not so gloppy.  Oh, and hold the celery stick, please.  And what’s the poison, you ask?  Why, Absolut or Grey Goose, of course!


And with an aperitif like that, what might be a suitable hors d’œuvres?  Why, Papads, of course!


So, there you have it– a blend of the East and the West in so elegant a manner, I guarantee you will become completely civilized in no time!

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