Gota: The Gujarati Snack That Got Rediscovered!

Well, rediscovered only because I must have been under a rock all this time.  Because it has only been quite recently that I discovered this delectable savory snack in my Indian grocer’s freezer.  I was drawn to the bright packaging right next to the palak pakoras in the same section, and thought, okay, let me try something new.  So, I took it home, opened it up, pre-heated my oven to 405 degrees, laid out the balls of Gota onto a cookie sheet, and let them bake (reheat, rather since they’re precooked already) for a good twenty-five minutes.


When I pulled out the tray, what I found were the most tasty and spongy fried fritter-like balls which came with a tangy chutney that I had to defrost.  I read the packaging again to find out that the key ingredients are chick-pea flour and wheat flour kneaded into a dough with yogurt and seasonings before being deep-fried.  Not unlike my pakoras but still quite distinct.

So, there you have it:  my lovely encounter with Gota, the Gujarati savory snack.  Doesn’t this just go to show how diverse the regional cuisines of India truly are– all these years later, I’m still discovering something new!

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