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A Labor of Love: With the Hands and From the Heart

You didn’t think a holiday like Mother’s Day would mean only a card, a brunch, and some cake and flowers, did you?  Well if you did, then you certainly don’t know how terribly, nay, incredibly fortunate I am!  Because how could it be that I didn’t receive a handmade gift on a day like this?  It couldn’t be!  Handmade, because those are the priceless gifts that could never take the place of even the most valuable gifts that you could ever buy for money!


So, yes, I did receive a lovely piece of art from my firstborn, who worked on it at least three weekends in a row without my knowledge, and then had it framed and gift-wrapped to present it to me with a flourish on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2011.  And sweet as they both are– my firstborn and my secondborn– they also picked up a couple of storebought gifts (two gorgeous tops) just in case!  But of course, everything else paled in comparison to the genuine beauty and detail of this piece of art.

See for yourself what I mean.  I am most flattered that in my child’s eye, her mother is a mix of Esmeralda and Jasmine rolled into one!  But I was told the rendition is indeed accurate for certain defining features:  my once-very long and lush black hair, as well as the prominent mole on my face.  The rest of her, well, she’s actually too gorgeous, but hey, I’m not arguing this!   


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