Revdi: Another Favorite North Indian Snack

Some days back, I’d written about Petha, that ubiquituous Indian sweet that you eat without thinking.  Click here for a refresher.

Well, there’s another Indian sweet, more of a sweet snack really, called Revdi.  It’s like hard candy:  made of sugar, either white or brown into flat rounds that are covered with sesame seeds.  In the winter months, they are very popular, especially toward the end of winter at the holiday known as Lohri.  To bid farewell to the winter, bonfires are made, and popcorn and revdi are eaten while watching the bright flames. 

These are my memories of revdi, and the other day, I bought a box of the same for old times’ sake.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that nobody didn’t NOT like it!

This particular kind of revdi is made with gur or jaggery, a variation of brown sugar.  It is therefore called Gur Revdi.  Get some if you can, and make your own memories! 

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