Jhootha Hi Sahi, 2010

I thought this was a fun romantic comedy, a good “time-pass,” if you will.  Nothing too complicated about two people getting to know each other over the telephone before they meet in person, of course, but what made this a fun story was the twists of one party not knowing who the other party really was. 

John Abraham with dimples and all was quite the hunka-hunka burning love despite his four eyes, and that Muslim pregnant girl was quite convincing in her role of Miss-Independent-Don’t-Need-A-Man.  I thought that Mishka, the main heroine, however, didn’t have mainstream Indian looks, and I don’t think she’d go off very well as a lead in Hindi cinema.  She’s very pleasant-looking alright, but she could pass for a non-Indian as well.

Nice views of London city-life and the Tower Bridge and London Bridge. 


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