Mother's Day Brunch at Angelo's: Fabulous For Any Day Actually!

So, as the tradition goes, for Mother’s Day, you take your mother out to lunch or dinner.  But my family didn’t do either one for me!  They decided, instead, on Brunch, and that too, a day before Mother’s Day, which was this past Saturday. 

And where would we want to go for so special an occasion?  Why, Angelo’s of course!  An Ann Arbor institution since 1956, Angelo’s is known for its hearty diner-style meals, especially its Breakfast menu which is available all day. 

We ate too much, but we ate to our heart’s content, and even packed some leftovers!  Here’s what we had:  Eggs Benedict, Cinnamon-Toast Waffles, Angelo’s Breakfast Special (no, I didn’t get that!), and the Farmer’s Omelette (my choice).

After a brunch like that, you might not wish to eat for the rest of the day, or if you do, it would be quite late in the day!

See for yourself what it all looked like.  And what was the best part of the meal?  Being with the ones I love, of course:  my husband, and my two daughters.  Who made me feel like I was the best mother in the world!  And I wasn’t in the mood to argue with them, really!

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