Rajma-Fava-Choley Chawal: A Twist on the Usual

Well, of course you know about Rajma-Chawal and Choley-Chawal, but how about mixing it up sometimes?  Be bold, be bright, everything’s all right!

Here’s what I did recently:  I cooked the most delectable dish of three-beans and call it my Rajma-Fava-Choley Delight.  Rajma is the kidney-bean, Fava are another lesser known red-colored fleshy beans, and Choley is the chick-pea or garbanzo bean.

Bring them together with all the regular masalas for a rich red curry (fried onions, ginger, garlic, tomato paste, dried powerdered masalas, splash of lemon), and serve with fresh hot steaming Basmati.  It’ll hit the spot right away, right on.

And for a two-punch, make some Papads on the side.  I’ve made here the Punjabi Masala variety of the Lijjat brand.

A plate of this, and trust me, even if you don’t speak Hindi, you’ll be saying, Yeh Hui Na Baat!

4 thoughts on “Rajma-Fava-Choley Chawal: A Twist on the Usual

  1. A very good twist from the regular Chole Chawal. Looks great & I’m sure it tasted good too.

  2. Daddy, thanks for taking time out to comment! I will make this the next time you are here! Maybe Mummy can make bhaturas?!

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