Chicken Pot Pie: The Panacea For All Ills!

You heard right– this is one of those meals that is so whole and wholesome that it fills the need for whatever it is that you think you need:  comfort, contentment, wealth and riches… Well, maybe not that last part, but you know what I mean.

And this is no ordinary Chicken Pot Pie, either.  For starters, full disclosure:  I did not make this pie!  This is a ready-made pot-pie from my grocer’s freezer, but it requires reheating for a full sixty minutes at 350 degrees in the oven, and when it comes out, you might as well tell yourself you made it because it looks so home-made!  It is packed with flavor dripping from the cubed pieces of chicken and the hearty chopped vegetables of potatoes, green beans and carrots all smothered in a brown gravy so yummy, each bite will seem like its the best one you’ve ever had.  And the flaky crust is so good, and there’s enough of it so you can chomp down everything on the inside, and after you’ve made short work of that, you can finish off the crust at the bottom as well!

But you’d better let it cool off enough before you dig into it because the steam that gushes out can be very hot!  Hot in more ways than one.

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