Phas Gaye Re Obama, 2010

This is one delightful comedy-of-errors that may be filed in the SNL-style category with a list of colorful characters and a hilarious screenplay.  Wall Street is crumbling and people are losing their mortgages, but what that means for hoodlums in the backwaters of small-town UP in India is a renewed hope for better times, thanks in no small measure to the political and moral philosophies of a man called Obama in the USA.

A consummate satire of a motion picture, this one left me splitting at the sides thanks to the dialogue and the convoluted twists in the story.  Munni is one ball-breaker of a gangsta-lady, by the way, and whoever that gal is, I do predict a successful career for her.  Om Prakash is our man from Amreeka who is quite the wheeler-and-dealer with the local Dadas and Bhai Sahabs and the lot, and Obama’s Yes, We Can! anthem is translated into the battle cry for the business of kidnapping and extortion, mandee be damned!

I give this a full four stars out of five, and can assure you that it would be a most wise investment of your time if you can spare it.  Funny thing about this for me personally was that soon after I finished watching this movie (about Obama supposedly), I heard the breaking news about the capture of Osama bin Laden and will therefore always associate this movie with that event!  On a side note, the capture of Mr. bin Laden assures that Mr. Obama is on sure footing and in fine form to relaunch his slogan of Yes, We Can!


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