Palak Paneer: The Dish You Can't Get Enough Of!

It’s true:  Palak Paneer is one of those dishes you can’t stop with just one serving.  You’ll want a second, a third, and then may be another, and so on.  Well, you would– if you had the kind I make!  And I will give any Punjabi Dhaba or even a Punjabi grandma a run for their money with my Palak Paneer, hands down.

Cooked and pureed palak (spinach), onions and tomatoes come together in an aromatic seasoning of fried onions, garlic, ginger, and a blend of spices before cubes of paneer (firmed cottage cheese) are added to this creamy green goodness.

Here’s what I made yesterday.  It doesn’t get better than that, trust me!  Oh, and if you think I’m on a palak binge (with my post on Palak Pakoras from the other day), you’re right, I am.

By the way, I even make my paneer from scratch:  bring the milk to a boil, break it with lemon juice, separate the curd from the whey, press down the curdled cheese into a cheesecloth, refrigerate overnight, cut into cubes the next day, and voila, you’ve got paneer fit for a king.  Or for a batch of Palak Paneer fit for a king.

Palak, there’s so many ways to love ‘ya!  And what do you serve this with?  Rotis, parathas, phulkas, chapatis, you name it.  But if you’re funky, like me, you won’t think twice to serve it with a Ragi Dosai.  Seriously.  IT IS AN AWESOME THING!

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