Big Peas, Mini Peas: They're All Good For You!

Well, if you don’t eat your peas, you can’t have any pudding!  All PF fans will know that I’m taking some liberties with those famous lyrics, of course, but then again, why ever not?  It makes good sense, doesn’t it?  You MUST eat your peas– they’re so good, and you already know that they’re so good for you!

And so, here I am today to encourage you to eat those peas any which way you wish.  And you can certainly cook them any which way you wish.  Here’s how I made some the other day: I braised these in a hot skillet with a seasoning of fresh cumin and onion powder in salted butter.  And the huge peas that are scattered around, they’re brussel sprouts, of course!  Big peas, mini peas, all the same! 

Serve as a side dish, or the star dish!


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