Blueberry Cheesecake Extraordinare: Not Available In Stores!

Holidays are occasions for grand productions in the kitchen so as to produce grand results on the table.  The most recent holiday commonly known as Easter was the latest such occasion for one such production.  But each production has a pièce de résistance, and in this case, it was dessert.  And no ordinary dessert was this:  it was a most decadent German Cheesecake made in the authentic style of no-crust and having cottage-cheese as a dominant ingredient.  Plus, it was made from scratch with the most wholesome ingredients, no preservatives or artificial anything, thank you very much, and made with all the love we (i.e., my firstborn and I) could spare in an exercise of this magnitude!

And if you think all this is too divine and couldn’t get any better than that, well, it actually could– and did– thanks to the magnificent garnish of the freshest of fresh blueberries that we topped it with.  Strawberries are so passe, we think, and so blueberries it was!

See for yourself what I mean!

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