Pumpkin Bread Cupcakes: Made (w/ Love) To Give Away!

So, last weekend, my firstborn was in an exceptionally generous frame of mind– even more so than her normal self which is still excessive in my opinion– and became possessed to bake a batch of Pumpkin Bread Cupcakes.  All so that she could give them away to friends.  For no special reason at all, I was told.  Well, I of course, had no intention to protest whether or not there was a reason for the occasion, and especially because such generous bouts of temperament usually meant that I (and others in the family) would also be the beneficiary of such generosity! 

And so here they are:  a grand batch of the moistest Pumpkin Bread Cupcakes, glazed with Cream Cheese Frosting and decorated with a simple heart shape.  What could say, I’m So Glad You’re My Friend better than that? 

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