Pysanksy Eggs in the Ukranian Tradition

I attended a workshop on campus earlier this week on how to make pysanky eggs.  It was quite the experience and quite the exercise that took an hour-and-a-half, a real egg, a block of beeswax, a candle, and a most curious implement which served as the applicator of the wax to make the patterns.  Plus at least three times of dipping into jars of colored water made from vegetable dyes, drying it, applying the wax, repeating the dipping process, and then finally melting all the wax off by holding it to the flame of the candle! 

Painstaking in every sense of the word.  But, fun too!  And the egg, well, apparently if you leave it out in a well-ventilated room it will dry out in a years’ time, I was told. 

There’s a lovely wiki entry on this Ukranian tradition right here.  They’re made around Easter, it seems.  Each one, a beautiful work of art!   


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