Chaat-Paapdi: Sleight Of Hand (My Hand, That Is!)

Yeah, so, unless you have an Indian restaurant next door that serves terrific Chaat-Paapdi, or unless you don’t mind driving 40 minutes every other day, and of course, shelling out $5 for each plate of Chaat-Paapdi, you’ll be in a bad way waiting for that next trip to get some.  Unless, of course, you can make it yourself.  And make it well, that is.

Well, here’s how you “make it well”:  You get the best quality ingredients, and toss them together in the right sequence, and serve it up with panache!  Panache, I said!  And what might those ingredients be?  Well, here goes:
  • Boil/Microwave your yellow potatoes and dice when cooled a bit
  • Get your bag of Paapdis out, and in a nice wide bowl break up the paapdis to make a good layer to build on
  • Second layer is the bhel-puri-style namkeen.  I use the most delectable homemade kind that my mother makes with puffed rice, sev, peanuts, and stuff
  • Third layer is the onion or two finely chopped
  • Open a can of the finest chickpeas or garbanzo beans, aka, chole and spread those out
  • Finally, lay on the diced potatoes
Now, you’re ready to starting “building” your individual servings.  This is how I do it:
  • Scoop out a few big spoonfuls of this awesome mixture into a lovely quarter-plate or salad-plate
  • Take a spoonful of the Imli Chutney and the Green Chili Chutney and spread out over this goodness
  • Next pour on the thinned out and salted yougurt, aka, curds
  • Garnish with the tastiest Haldiram’s Sev that is super crunchy and super spicy
Serve with panache!  Oh, and love too, if you like!  Hope the pictures tell even better the story of the recipe that I’ve offered up here.

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