Pistachio Falooda: Serve it Chilled or Not Chilled!

So, the other evening, I was taken by a sudden urge to put to good use the ready-made mix of Pista Falooda- the flavored milk drink with vermicelli and lots of dry fruits like pistachios, kaju, kishmish, charoli, and flavored with rosewater.  It was a simple set of instructions:  boil the milk, add the mix, bring to a rolling boil, simmer for a while, then let it cool and finally chill before you serve it.  Well, I did all of the above except wait for it to chill.  I didn't because I couldn't wait!  And so, when it got lukewarm, I poured some into a tall tumbler and had it as is.  The result:  Lajawab! 

And so, I am here to tell you that you don't always have to follow instructions all the way down to the last point.  Well, let me qualify that statement:  make that cooking instructions!  Because sometimes, when you are bold enough to go off on your own and create your own little way of doing things, voila, you've invented something new!  Which is exactly what I did: serving pistachio falooda lukewarm!  Here's my glass for your viewing pleasure.  My green bedside table on which I'd placed it makes it look even more attractive, don't you think? 

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