The Boar's Head: A Chicago-Style Delicatessen

So, here’s the thing:  when you go on vacation, make it good so the memories last a while.  And you know what else?  Share those memories with your loved ones– with your pictures and stories.

Well, here’s my latest offering of an ordinary lunch experience of a hot-dog and kettle chips during one of our fun-filled sightseeing days in San Antonio, Texas from a couple of months ago.  We had stopped into this restaurant with a curious name:  The Boar’s Head.  And we soon discovered that the hotdogs over there were not Texas-style (whatever those might be like!); these were Chicago-style dogs! 


The hotdogs were terrific as were the kettle chips that went with it.  And the artwork on the walls was cool in the most intriguing way!  But best of all was the company I had while chomping down on my dog:  my honey, aka, my sweet husband!

Viva la Chicago-style hotdogs at the Boar’s Head!

2 thoughts on “The Boar's Head: A Chicago-Style Delicatessen

  1. We ate at this place last week while at a conference. I had the best Hot Pastrami on Rye sandwich ever!

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