Who Said You Can't Mix Spinach, Green Peas and Crunchy Yellow Lentils Together?

File this one in the Unusual Combo category, if you wish, or you could just stick it in the Fantastic file.  Either way, this came out of my own imagination (like many a dish from within my kitchen!).

What it is, is a Palak-Matar-Chana Dal Subzi.  For the non-Hindi speakers that is a Veggie Side Dish that consists of Spinach-Peas-Yellow Lentils.  A simple tempered seasoning of dry red chillies, garlic, cumin, and turmeric to which the dry chana dal is added for a few minutes, followed by the spinach— I use the frozen pureed kind from my Indian grocers– and finally the green peas.  Simmer it for a bit, check your salt, and serve with Rotis and love.


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