Indian Street Food: A Saturation of the Senses

So, you know about Chicken Tikka Masala and about the many Curries and Kebabs and Naans and such, but do you know about ordinary Indian street-food that is to be found in Anytown, India– literally on the sidewalk or footpath as it is known there.  Little carts and stands that serve the most delectable hot and cold snacks served in disposable paper-plates or leaf-plates, or sometimes in plain old newspaper.

Well, there’s a place in town right here in the Upper Midwest of these great United States where one may find just such great Indian street-food.  Made hot and fresh, but served in nice dishes, these are as authentic as they come.  The name of the little restaurant is NeeHees, and I had the pleasure of ordering and inhaling a number of things this afternoon.  Things that are the most ordinary and that are made in any Indian home worth its salt, and yet, when you eat it outside the home, it somehow feels like a treat because you’re indulging yourself, and you know it! 

So, what was on the menu for us today was this:  Chaat Papdi, Khasta Kachoris, Chole Bhature, Samosas, and Mirchi Bhajjis. See if you can identify them all in the pictures below.  Hint:  the picture of the samosas is missing because we got that to go. 


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