10 Ways To Hack A Peanut Butter Sandwich

It doesn’t always have to be a PBJ (Peanut-Butter-Jelly) Sandwich– it can be anything you like. Check out some of these ideas from Home Hacks.

We’ll assume for a minute that your usual fall back add-ins are a given. The two most popular are usually slices of banana and jam or jelly. While those are great, they aren’t much of a surprise. Listed below and pictured above are 10 of our favorites that pack a little more punch. We were missing a few of the items (what do we look like a grocery store?), but we’re pretty sure you can guess which ones!

Do you have a favorite or quirky peanut butter and “insert weird item here” combo? Let us know in the comments below!

What You Need

Bread of choice
Peanut Butter of choice
1 or more of the ingredients listed below
Knife for spreading

Flavorful Add-Ins

1. Dill Pickles: Hands down our favorite way to enjoy a peanut butter sandwich is with a few slices of cold pickle on it. Yes it’s weird. Yes, we’re ok with that and yes, we think you’ll like it too!


2. Tomatoes: During the summer months when tomatoes are coming out of your garden like… well tomatoes in summer, slice one up and add it to your sandwich. Some prefer the tomato to be salted, though we’re purists at heart. Well, purists who like tomato that is.


3. Marshmallows: It doesn’t matter if you’re a purist and love your marshmallow fluff or you like the little bite size marshmallows themselves, peanut butter and marshmallows has been a long time favorite through many a generation.


4. Onion: Though it might not be a favorite for little kids, peanut butter and onion is a favorite for many. Some like their onions cooked, though most prefer them raw, a nice slice with a bit of salt and pepper nestled between two pieces of bread and a layer of peanut butter? Yes please!!


5. Chocolate Chips: While you can also melt some chips and spread on the chocolate first, we like the hidden surprises of the chips in each bite. It’s a sweet treat that keeps our need for dessert at bay.


6. Cheese: Plain old yellow American singles are a great addition, sharper cheeses are great for adults as well. Sometimes we’ve been known to skip the bread all together and just put our peanut butter right on our cheese… though we fear you might judge us for having said that out loud.


7. Apple Slices: Peanut butter and apples is a common lunch time snack, but not usually found between two pieces of bread. Slice your apple thin so its easily bit through while eating and enjoy a little tart and sweet with your ooey gooey delight! (for a double whammy, add a slice of cheddar on there as well!)


8. Cabbage & Carrots: This one is probably at the top of the weird list when it comes to things most people wouldn’t usually think of. A stout cabbage leaf and some julienned carrots (sometimes with a dash of soy sauce) is almost a lettuce wrap and feels slightly Thai in nature. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! (for those with a keen eye, the “cabbage” above is really Romaine lettuce… but we figured it was an ok stand in!)


9. Bacon: This combo isn’t sure if it’s breakfast or lunch, but it’s great for a burst of energy and a little out of the ordinary. It sure is tasty though!


10. Raisins: Just like Ants on a Log, we love raisins here too! We’re partial to Golden raisins, though you can use whatever you have on hand.


Additional Notes
You can of course use different nut butters for those with allergies or personal preferences. So please try our suggestions with vigor, even if peanuts aren’t your bag — just remember, we haven’t taste tested pistachio butter and pickles, so we can’t suggest it as a tasty treat (though we bet it’s swell).


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