The Green Mango Is A Delectable Vegetable, Did You Know?

Well, of course you know that the mango is a lovely fruit– who doesn’t?  It comes in a myriad of varieties, shapes, colors, tastes, and textures.  And for the most part, it is eaten when ripe in all its sweet and juicy goodness.

But did you know that the unripe mango, i.e., when it is still green, may be used as a vegetable?  Yes, the mango is a most versatile fruit that doubles as a vegetable.  Its tangy, sweet-sour taste makes it ideal to use as a flavor enhancer.  I routinely use it to make one of my favorite dals, or lentil soups, but occasionally, I throw it into a vegetable as well.  Vegetable side-dishes, or Subzis, as they’re known in India, are a standard item on the daily menu, and so, what’s to prevent you from tossing in a few cubed pieces of green mango with those beans or brussel sprouts, or even with eggplant for that matter.

Which is what we did yesterday.  My mother is the one to be credited for making this subzi, but it was I who pushed the green mango on to her to ask that it be added.  And what a delectable dish it turned out to be!  See for yourself:  baby eggplant pieces brilliantly seasoned and glistening in the pan that would have been great on their own, but with a few yukon-gold potatoes and one whole green-mango peeled, diced and simmered along with the usual seasonings, it turned out to be a subzi fit for a king.  Or me! 

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