Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, 2010

There has been many a Bollywood movie made about the complex world of the mafia in Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay, and this is the latest offering that would fall in that genre.  Slick with the cinematography as well as an interesting musical score, the acting performances of the main characters also do not disappoint.  And yet, I do believe that even a list of such good ingredients can indeed an immemorable motion picture make!  It is always the story that is the ultimate draw, the key to the heart and the head that goes beyond the instant gratification of the eyes and the ears.  And therein lies the weakness:  the story dept. is a little sloppy in this otherwise quite entertaining an offering.

But the movie isn’t entirely immemorable.  As mentioned earlier, what the story might lack in finesse and multi-layeredness, the acting prowess of Ajay Devgan and his nemesis, Emran Hashmi compensate in good measure.  Also, the girl, Kangna Ranaut, I thought, looked absolutely divine and embodied the old-world style and charm of Hollywood and Bollywood.  All those beehives and smokey eyes had just the right effect of creating the glitz and glamor associated with a persona of her kind.  She plays her part well, and I daresay she is only on the upswing of her acting career path.  And speaking of careers, Ajay Devgan has certainly carved a niche for himself in roles such as these:  his Godfather-like role in this movie is an intense one, and he exudes quite a convincing aura of the kind of cool where less is always more.  Those crisp white shirts and his magnanimous style in dealing with both peers and paupers gives him legend-like qualities.  And with the pretty moll on his arm what’s not to worship– or fear.

I got to this one a little late in the day, but I’m glad I did, and would recommend it, most certainly. 


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