IKEA: Where Function Meets Art & Swedish Fare Is Always An Option

So, what does a trip to IKEA mean?  Well, it usually means what might seem like an endless browsing of the myriad floor-plans in the showrooms on the upper level before you eventually descend down to the “marketplace”, the area where you can actually pick up the things you wish to buy before you can find your way to the check-out lines.

Well, that’s what a trip to IKEA usually means.  But occasionally it could also mean making a stop in the IKEA cafeteria to grab a quick snack or beverage and perhaps even sit down in the very spacious dining area to catch your breath and refuel. 

Which is what we did yesterday:  refuel, that is.  And the items that comprised the pseudo-Swedish menu included Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce, Potato Chive Medallions, Creamed Spinach Crepes with a Butter-Chive Sauce, Swedish Fries (that looked and tasted suspicioulsy American), and a slice of Swedish Apple Pie (that also looked and tasted suspiciously American!).  

All in all, a nice stop for some Swedish fare until I make that trip to Stockholm one day!

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