The Republic of Texas: Another Good Place for 'Ritas and Fajitas


So, if you go to southeast Texas, actually anywhere in Texas, I’d say you’d find a lot of good Tex-Mex cuisine.  And so invariably, we had our share of lots of fresh and tasty meals with a strong Tex-Mex flavor during our recent holiday in the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas.  Like the fajitas we found at this little restaurant called the Republic of Texas.  With an outdoor dining option on the edge of the river, it happens to be yet another popular place, especially in the evenings.  The fresh tortillas and the accompanying meats, veggies, and all the condiments that came with it (fresh salsa and sour cream) made for gloriously mouthwatering fajitas.  Oh, and the margaritas weren’t too bad either.  See for yourself in the slideshow below:

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