Late Night Post-Concert Celebrations At The Neighborhood Grille

Two-and-a-half hours of listening to the most fantastic live music ranging from several marching band tunes to Tchaikowsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F Minor will leave you physically ravenous at the end of the concert.  Trust me.  I would know, given that I was a thrilled spectator in the audience of just such a concert last evening.  And so, one can only imagine how much more ravenous the players in that concert might have been.  Well, I would know that too!  Given that two of those players belong to me as I was one of the proud parents witnessing the incredible performances that they were part of.  A post to aforementioned incredible concert is right here.

Well, so where does one go when its getting late and you want a quick bite?  You go to the local neighborhood grille, of course, aka, Applebees.  Their Appetizer Sampler is perfect for four people because there’s two of everything:  Mozzarella Sticks, Boneless Hot Chicken Fingers, Quesadilla Corners, and lots of Nachos with four kinds of Dips, including a Hot Spinach-Artichoke one.  And as for desserts, well, the Triple-Chocolate Meltdown and the Maple Butter Blondie hit the spot right-on. 

And what did we wash all this down with?  Why, the Classic Mojitos, of course.  Oh, and Diet Sodas for the teetotalers, of course.

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