A Soup & Croissanwich Working Lunch

So, what can you do when you forget to bring lunch?  Well, you could go out to the Food-Court in the Student Union around the corner, or you could just go down to the first-floor in your own office building, where in the Atrium area, you have the FAB Cart (FAB because that’s short for Faculty/Administration Building) Monday through Thursday where you can get soups and sandwiches and other small snacks and hot and cold beverages.  What a nice convenience!  It’s no cafeteria; it’s only a Cart on wheels, but its packed with fresh foods everyday, and its there until 2:00 pm.  Just be sure you bring cash, because unfortunately Denise won’t take your plastic! 

So, what I got today was a Cream of Broccoli Soup and a Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich.  For a cold and gray day like today, it hit the spot right away!  Now back to work. 

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