Coconut Milk Matar Pulao (Fried Rice): A Recipe, For a Change!

So, I visited with an old friend over the weekend, and brought her some Coconut Milk Matar Pulao (Fried Rice) that I’d made the night before.  Leftovers, really, that I took her, but she’s been raving about it and has asked for a recipe, so I thought I’d put down some approximations that will, I hope, translate to a half-decent recipe. 

3 cups Basmati
1 can of Coconut Milk
1 frozen bag of Peas & Carrots
Cooking Oil – Canola is good

For the tempered seasoning:  Cumin (teaspoonful), Cardomom (4-5 small green ones), Cinnamon Sticks (a couple will do); two Bay Leaves; Salt to taste

Get a nice broad flat-bottomed pot.  Place on stove, get it somewhat hot, then pour about 3 tablespoons of oil.  In moments the oil will be hot enough (but not smoking-hot!).  Add the ingredients in the order listed to create your tempered seasoning.  Everything should be done real fast and the cumin must instantly start to sputter, and the fragrance of the other spices should fill the air around you instantly.  Next, add your three cups of dry rice to this seasoning and stir away; within moments they’ll look toasted.  Next, open your bag of frozen veggies and add it to the rice.  Stir some more; reduce your heat a bit, if necessary, because you do not want to let the rice stick to the bottom.

Now:  put your coconut milk into a measuring cup (I use a large 4-cup measure), and to this add boiling-hot water to make a full-six cups.  Add this coconut-milk liquid to the pot, and it will come to a rolling-boil almost instantly.  Stir for a few minutes until the rice begins to cook and the liquid begins to disappear.  In a few minutes, cover the pot (lid should be secure), reduce heat to a complete simmer, and forget about it for fifteen minutes.  Do not open the lid for any reason whatsover until the fifteen minutes are up! 

When you do open the lid, you ought to be able to see each individual grain of the Basmati rice separate.  Needless to say, it mustn’t be sticky in the least.  You’ve got your Coconut Milk Matar Pulao ready to serve with anything you wish, or just as is!  Yeh Hui Na Baat!


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