The Clarkston Union Woodshop: A Great Place to Eat!

So, where do you go to eat when you drive up an hour and a half to meet an old friend?  You go downtown, of course.  And head out to the most famous little restaurant on Main Street– the Clarkston Union.  But then you realize there’s a 45 minute wait for a table, and so you decide to head down the road to the next best place:  The Clarkston Union Woodshop. 

And you’re pleasantly surprised.  Because you find the place just as charming and hopping with the Sunday afternoon crowd of locals and others perhaps like me who’re visiting with friends and family in the area.  The place is truly charming, and when the waitress brings out the menus, we learn that the restaurant has recently been christened a 2011 Restaurant of the Year as per the Detroit Free Press.  Not bad at all! 

And what do we order?  A super-sized Burrito that comes with sweet potatoes, spinach, spanish rice, black beans, cheese, and a dollop of sour cream.  And a Blackened Catfish Sandwich that comes with a Red Cabbage Slaw and Black Beans and Rice on the side.  Mmmm!

Here’s what it all looked like.  But the truly best part was catching up with my dear friend, Anu.  There’s nothing like facetime.  Facebook doesn’t even come close!


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