Parippu Vada: Goes With Both Chai and Chianti

Well, if you are of South-Indian origin, you’ll recognize the name of this dish:  Parripu Vada.  If you’re not, but still simply of Indian origin (of any region), you’ll at least recognize the vada part of that.  So, what these are, are fried lentil fritters.  But these aren’t you’re ordinary vadas:  they’re crunchy and chewy and crispy and spicy.  Because they’re packed with all kinds of goodness:  the dal (chana or even arhar) is soaked overnight and processed with ginger, onion, kari patta, and green chillies.  Then, they’re fried until they pop up golden crisp like this. 

And then here’s the thing: you thought you needed to serve them only with tea or coffee?  Of course, you could do that, but then, if you’re in my house, you might very well find them paired with a glass of the finest Chianti. Like last evening.   I suppose the Italians might say Buon Appetito, but around these parts, we say Yeh Hui Na Baat!


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