The Simplest (And Most Comforting!) Indian Meal

Some time back, I had offered up a post titled The Simplest Indian Meal.  Today’s is a variation of the same, with only a few additional components to the meal and a modification of the title which includes the words (and most-resounding sentiment of):  And Most Comforting! It was a meal that I made last night for dinner– and that I’ve made countless times before!  Check out the slideshow below for pictures of each of the items that comprise the meal.  For the uninitiated, I will spell them out again below the show:


1.  Rice (always Basmati, even for the everyday use)
2.  Whole-wheat Rotis, aka Chapatis
3.  Pheeki Dal made w/ arhar or toor dal. 
4.  Subzi (anything will do; this one is a Jalfrezi-style mixed veggies)
5.  Achar (one of my favorite pickles:  Gongura by Priya)
6.  Appalams (a strong influence of my Tamil husband)
7.  Plain White Yogurt, aka Curds



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