No One Killed Jessica, 2011


I wasn’t living in India at the time that this horrific murder-case first made news more than a decade ago, but I did follow the story on and off over the years, and do remember the outrage at the verdict some years back.  And so it was with this small background that I watched the movie.  The length of the movie notwithstanding, it appeared to be quite an authentic portrayal of the characters, chief among them being the dynamic reporter-woman played by Bollywood darling Rani Mukherjee.

The movie is a testament to two powerful phenomena:  the power of social activism that has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the advancement of telecommunications and information technology; and the amazing effect of journalistic sting operations that were executed with finesse and eventually much success in bringing to the fore corrupt people and practices in all areas of government and social circles.  Bravo to the men and women engaged in these endeavors– I remember reading about Tehelka when they first started out…

Beyond the integrity of the story and the authentic cinematography, I do think this might be an up-and-coming genre in Bollywood.  All in all, a well-made and thoughtful production.  Rani, you did well, only you have too sweet a face to be taken seriously, and Vidya, quite impressive how you shed your glamorous persona.

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