Unusual Subzis and Bagels with Poached Eggs

Okay, so you know all about Subzis, the Hindi word for vegetables cooked as a side-dish.  Subzis are ubiquitous to Indian cooking, and go with everything from rice and rotis, and are a staple food item on your plate, day in and day out.  And of course, there are certain combinations of vegetables that go together traditionally:  cauliflower (gobi) and potatoes, cauliflower and peas, spinach and potatoes, spinach and tomatoes and such.  Well, there’s traditional, and then there’s me.  Because, I think it’s quite alright to bring together two veggies that don’t traditionally go together:  cauliflower and spinach, for instance. 

Which is what I made for dinner last night.  Seasoned with onions, garlic, ginger, and a pinch of garam masala, I sauteed the spinach for a couple of minutes in an open pressure-cooker before I added the cauliflower florets and a half cup of water, and put the lid on the cooker to build up the steam for a total of ten minutes.  Turn off the stove, and let it stand for another ten minutes before you unlock the lid.  Do not stir the subzi because the florets are too tender and might get mashed.  Serve with parathas like I did, or rotis, if you wish!

The next morning, get creative if you wish, with serving the same subzi with two poached eggs and a toasted bagel.  What is that you say, you’ve never heard of that combo?  Well, that’s alright, because here’s what it all looks like. 

And like we say around here:  Yeh hui na baat!

2 thoughts on “Unusual Subzis and Bagels with Poached Eggs

  1. Unusual, but it looks good and I’m sure it tastes good too! I like it ’cause I can eat both these vegetables without any diet restrictions!

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