Smack Your Lips, It's Chettinadu Chicken Time!


So, if you don’t know this already, I’ll tell you one not-so-small-fact about myself:  I am the queen of improvisation.  In the kitchen, that is. (Among other places, of course!)

But what I’m getting at is that I made a chicken dish today that I’m going to call Chettinadu Chicken.  Chettinadu because it is based on the traditional dish by that name, but has been improvised in the adding and omission of ingredients and in the technique of cooking it thereof.  The key ingredients, however, remain, which are:  mustard, tamarind, kari patta, and ginger. 

One bite, and you’d want to say:  yeh hui na baat!  Oh, and the Tamils probably don’t say it quite like that, but whatever it is that they would say, the meaning would still be the same, which is, roughly translated:  ‘that’s the word!’– to mean of course, something along the lines of: this is so good, I have no words to describe it!

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