Every No. 1 Pop Single (as one single track)

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Ever wonder what every single No. 1 pop song — from the beginning of recording time through the ’90s — would sound like mashed together? Look no further.

What might be most fascinating about this agglomeration of audio tracks is the swift and remarkable evolution from the twee sounds of pre-Elvis American music to the present; there’s rockabilly, the British invasion, Sinatra’s svelte croon, Motown. Remember Bobby Darin? Me neither, but there he is. Then the ’70s and Funky Town, punk rock, disco, stadium anthems. Listening through the whole 75 minutes could leave you nostalgic, amazed, perhaps shocked or, dare we say, gaga. It’s decades of both great jams and questionable taste. (See: Jefferson Starship.) There’s plenty of potential to sift through the track with a fine-tooth comb and make your own discoveries.



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