Finger Foods For A Sleepover

So, we recently had an old-fashioned birthday sleepover party at the house– for a bunch of teenage girls (one of whom belongs to me) with not-so-bird-like appetites.  Which is actually terrific, because I am never at a loss for ready-made-pop-in-the-oven-finger-lickin’-good finger foods.  Here’s what took about 45 minutes to make, and about as much time to finish off.  See for yourself in the slideshow below.  Details on the items is below the show.

What you see is what you get:  Pizza, Toquitos, Mushroom Fritters, Chili-Lime Chicken Wings, two kinds of Quiche, Potato Wedges, and Sun Chips.  The cake goes without saying, of course, and can only be imagined (because it was so divine!), and what do you wash this all down with?  Pop, of course!


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