The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larsson

And just when you think a bullet to her brain would mean the end of things, Lisbeth Salander comes back to life, and boy, does she kick the hornet’s nest– she kicks it to smithereens by the time you reach the end of this last book in the Trilogy.

The mother of all world-hackers climbs out of that hospital bed– with some help from her friends– to get herself acquitted of all charges, help a few others along the way, and ties up all loose ends nicely before making peace with Blomkvist, her partner and friend that she has had a love-hate relationship with. No more cliffhangers, although, what I wouldn’t give to know what the rest of her life might be like… a pity Larsson didn’t leave a fourth sequel behind that might have told us about a reunion of the Salander twins and the huge trust or foundation that the two of them make in memory of their mother in Sweden for battered women…!

And perhaps she even tires of the dragon tatoo and replaces it with a tiger…? I don’t know… regardless, it was a good ride… thank you, Mr. Larsson– I hope the movie released yesterday lives up to the suspense and energy of the book.


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