El Camino Real: A Mexican Delight (Great for a Birthday Dinner!)

And where might you find the freshest Mexican cuisine in town?  The El Camino Real, of course!  The experience starts from the moment you pull into the parking lot.  You are beckoned to a tavern-like establishment with landscaping that is reminscent of terrain in the Southwest. 

You then enter into a most vibrant interior so splashed with the brightest colors so as to compete with the colors of the food that will soon be served to you.  See for yourself the slideshow below.  And then scroll down for a few more thoughts about this dining experience.

So!  I highly recommend the Mango Margarita; the Toquitos Platter (that came on a bed of shredded lettuce and tomatoes, and with the freshest Guacamole and a huge dollop of Sour Cream [SC]); the Pollo Vallarta, a perfectly seasoned and grilled chicken and shrimp dish also served with a similar salad as the toquitos along with the Guac, SC and Red Rice; and finally a delectable dish the name of which escapes me but which tasted not too different from a mutton-curry and looked not too dissimilar from it either.  This also came with the Red Rice and with a big serving of the Refried Beans and a side of Mini-Tortillas kept warm in the aluminum foilwrap. Oh, and the fresh Chips-and-Salsa that you are first served are on the house, and are a great way to start the dinner experience.

Want to go to Mexico?  Start here to get a taste of the cuisine!



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