Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

Seriously, that’s the name of the restaurant:  Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes.  True to its name, it’s a crepe place in Midtown, a few blocks from my office; as to whether it attracts only good girls (or boys), this is to up for debate.  Incidentally, this was my early-midweek treat with some friends for lunch today.

Made to order in the most authentic Parisian-style of crepes, you can take your pick from a long menu of both savory and sweet fillings that go inside the crepes. 

And if you ask me, they’re like dosais, only not so crispy.  For my recent post on dosais, by the way, click right here. 

My crepe was called the Dana: grilled-chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, mozarella, and a pesto spread. 

Reminded me of the time I had crepes in Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower grounds… who would’ve thought I’d get a taste of the same right here in the Midwest?



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