The Simplest Indian Meal

And what might that be, you ask?  Well, allow me to inform.  It consists of the following:

Dal (Lentil Soup); Chawal (Rice); Ghee (Clarified Butter); Achar (Pickle); Papad (wafer-thin lentil crisps)

No matter where you go in India, you can find a variation of this very rudimentary meal served for either lunch or dinner.  The variations consist in the type of Dal (I made an arhar/toor dal with carrots), the Achar (I have an assortment), and the Papad (these are appalams).  The Ghee is an indulgence, but a much-welcomed one if the Dal and Chawal are piping hot.

This was what I made for dinner last night.  The very simplest of Indian meals.  And very close to being the perfect one!  See for yourself: 

Note on the dal:  The dal was pressure-cooked with one red onion, seven green chillies, 4 long carrots, and a pinch of turmeric.  After being cooked thus, everything was beautifully pureed together with a hand-blender.  The tadka (seasoning) was the classic one:  hing (asofoetida), rai (mustard), zeera (cumin), sookhi-mirch (dry red chillies), lassan (garlic), and karipatta (curry leaves). 

Yeh hui na baat!

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