The King's Speech, 2011


The written word is a powerful thing. As is the spoken voice. Especially if that voice belongs to a king whose empire was so large that it was said that the sun never set upon it.

This is the story of Great Britain’s King George VI’s struggle with his speech impediment– a problem that would have gone unnoticed in a commoner, but not in a king. But more than that, it is a story of friendship and trust. And the triumph of the human spirit to surmount the most difficult of personal challenges.

It is also a story of a woman’s faith in her husband and her indomitable spirit to go above and beyond the call of duty and love to aid and support her husband. The historical and political details of the time notwithstanding, this is a story to warm the heart and cheer the soul. And to admire the acting prowess Messrs. Firth and Rush.

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  1. And Ms. Bonham Carter (whose outfits while probably really historically accurate were hideous!) 🙂 She’s a wonderful actress!

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