The American, 2010


Gorgeous cinematography with beautiful people. And if those were the only two ingredients to make a movie remarkable, then you could call this a remarkable movie. But all flash and not enough hook or punch in the story makes me want to sing 'I can't get no satisfaction.'

Clooney bears the title of sexiest-man-alive very well, and the breathtaking scenery of rural Italy makes you gasp with wonder… but where is the redemption? There is none.

There's suspense which doesn't bear much fruit.  And there's a lot of silent brooding and the music to match it.  There's also a nice looking dark-blue fiat car and a vespa scooter that reminded me of the kind my father owned once upon a time.  But is Jack anything more than a skilled gun-maker? Last I checked, shooting in self-defense does not an assasin make.

I'm sorry to say that the movie was a reward to the eye, but not the mind.

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