Iron Man II, 2009


I always have low expectations for sequels, especially super-hero action movie sequels, but I am pleased to report that I was pleasantly surprised to find that my expectations needn’t have been quite so low, all things considered.

Tony Stark is the supreme narcissist– but with a heart. He does look great in that suit, and above all is quite funny. As the NYT so nicely puts it, “at a time when romantic comedy has abandoned its tradition of witty dialogue in favor of either simpering or crudity, apparently it falls to a comic book spectacle to keep the screwball tradition alive”.

Pepper Potts is the essential Girl Friday turned CEO, and Ms. Johannson rocks!

One thought on “Iron Man II, 2009

  1. Highly recommended for an easy Saturday night viewing after a grand Chicken Biryani dinner. Most satisfying (the meal and the movie)!

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