Super Bowl of Bounties


Well, if you think I mean Chilli and Chips-and-Dip, or Buffalo Chicken-Wings and Pizza, well, no, I didn’t mean that kind of Super Bowl fare.

Granted these are the standard finger-foods for this great American event– the annual NFL football championship–each year in late January/early February, but I was referring more to the bounties of a Sunday afternoon lunch.  The bounties on our table today were all glorious in their effective simplicity: 

  • A traditional Indian-style Egg Curry (only I halved the boiled eggs)
  • A Chicken & Mushroom Stirfry w/ paprika and chives
  • A Broccoli & Yellow Potatoes sidedish w/ red onions, garlic and coconut-chutney seasonings
  • Greek-style Pitas lightly stove-top toasted 

Here’s what it looked like:

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