Pie-like Omelettes


I had recently put up a lovely post on all things quiche:  the lovely delicate pastry shells, both regular and mini size that contain all sorts of fillings.

Well, this is no quiche, but it sure looks like one.  It could be called a frittata of sorts, but it contains no potatoes.  And it’s certainly not a quiche because there’s no pastry holding its contents.

What it is, is a stand-alone omelette.  Only it’s cooked on a stove-top but on so low a flame and with a covered lid that the egg mixture sets beautifully.  Also, the onions, tomatoes, green chillies and cilantro are finely chopped and sauteed first, folded into the frothy beaten eggs, and then transferred into a sturdy pan.

What you’ll have fifteen minutes later is a gorgeous omelette that looks like a quiche or a pie.  Ideally, there must be nothing sticking to the bottom and it ought to slide off onto a plate with ease, or at the very least must be able to cut firmly into wedges or squares.

Serve with toast, pitas or rotis.  Makes a hearty entree any day.  This was my slice from last evening.  There were three more where that came from, BTW! 

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