Ode to My Husband on the Eve of the Second Day of July – 2020 Edition

As we prepare to enter our 28th year of marriage, I thank you, Sweet Husband, for being by my side and walking with me;

For your love and affection over the years;

For building a nest together, watching our little ones grow up to become strong, and then letting them fly away;

For never abandoning the nest, rather, for fortifying it over the years;

For being the most loving father to human and canine kids alike;

For braving the elements of a Michigan winter for 22 years, and having a blast while shoveling the snow;

For cutting the grass once a week all summer long;

For looking out for the birds, the bees, and the bunnies in the backyard every summer;

For never failing to get the backyard treated for mosquitoes and bugs every summer;

For being a good son who calls and FaceTimes his mother at least five times a week;

For calling my folks as well every so often, and chatting them up;

For loading the dishwasher in the most efficient way possible – and doing just as many by hand as well;

For never failing to work all the remote controls in the house;

For smiling broadly while asking me to sort out your sock drawer every so often;

For helping me measure twice and cut once on all my quilting projects;

For cranking up the music while you help me set up my pill organizers every month;

For discovering the most unique gifts online for your children and sons-in-law;

For continuing to be a handyman-around-the-house extraordinaire;

For continuing to be my life and career coach;

For being the eternal optimist despite the gloomiest of political environments;

For taking oil changes and air tire pressures seriously, and ensuring all cars in the house are running smoothly;

For never hesitating to lend your voice to a cause in support of social, racial, and economic justice;

For admitting you are a hypochondriac, but making no apologies for it;

For keeping the house a cool 67° all twelve months around the year;

For always complimenting me on my homemade lattes and cappuccinos;

For becoming almost annoying with your hyper-vigilance on handwashing procedures during a global pandemic;

For being the friendliest neighbor in this neighborhood for the last 20 years here;

For your big heart, quick smile, and a kind word spared to none;

For all these reasons and many more unspoken ones, I raise a glass to you, Sweet Husband!

Here’s a 21-gun salute to you – and 28 stated reasons – (as inadequate as they may seem), on this, our Twenty-Seventh Anniversary! Here’s to many more!

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Thank you also for this masterpiece that you wrote for me, five years ago: How to Say I Love You Without Ever Saying It: Lessons From My Husband

Note on picture below:  Dug up from the annals of history in commemoration of the second day of July.  Circa early 1993 in New Delhi, India, a self-portrait.  Later that summer, we were sharing the same last name. 

4 thoughts on “Ode to My Husband on the Eve of the Second Day of July – 2020 Edition

  1. A beautiful ode! Happy 27th anniversary to both of you… may you be blessed with many, many more years together with lots of loving family members and dear friends gathered around.

    1. I add one more point to your list sweet daughter, Sunder always tells me, in his own words “ Aunty I pray daily for you and Uncle”
      We appreciate you Sunder for your concern for us.

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