4 thoughts on “No Love for the Packers, Go Vikings!

  1. I don’t understand how someone cannot love the only community-owned, non-profit major sport franchise in the country. And in the smallest, most working-class city. It’s America’s team!


  2. Packers will be in the Motor City a week from tomorrow for the regular season finale. Your Lions will have a rare opportunity to get some revenge and kick ’em while they’re down.


  3. Of course, there could be a certain natural solidarity among Vikings and Lions fans since both teams are way overdue to win a Super Bowl (the Lions to even go to the Super Bowl!), while the Packers have won four already. The Vikings were in four of them in the 1970s, lost all four and haven’t returned since. Even in years when they had dominant teams they choked in the playoffs and never made it. This year again they are an excellent team. It will be interesting to see if they live up to their legacy of choking or if they finally get over the top.


  4. I have to admit, I’ve always liked the Vikings helmet design and even their color scheme. That purple helmet with the stylish white horn is simply awesome! Even in my earliest years as a fan of NFL football, when the Packers stunk and the Vikings were outstanding (the entire decade of the 70s), I was very taken by the cool helmets of the gridsters from Minnesota.

    One Christmas around that time, Santa brought me one of those classic and wildly impractical “electric football” games with the vibrating metal “fields” and the tiny plastic players. It came with two teams, the Packers and the Vikings, and that further deepened my familiarity with, as they were nicknamed at the time, the “Purple People Eaters” (from that novelty song of the 1950s combined with the Vikings’ particularly aggressive defensive unit in those days). I can still recall the name and jersey number of more than a handful of players from that era.

    Nothing like Christmas to provoke unbridled nostalgia!


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